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Larry's Quotes

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Larry's Quotes

ON AGING - I reject the title of senior citizen. I think of myself as being chronologically advantaged.

ON AGING - I only admit to being of "advanced years" if there is a discount involved.

ON ART - Art gives joy to the artist; that it pleases others is pure gravy.

ON DISAPPOINTMENT - We met, we loved, we parted; there was no casualty except what might have been.

ON LIFE - I'm blindsided by the realization that very few of the most important occurrences in my life were actually planned by me.

ON LIMITATIONS - There is only one thing worse than setting limitations on yourself and that is letting others do it.

ON MEMORY - Discard no memory, neither good nor bad, for memory defines not only where we have been, but frequently where we are going.

ON MISTAKES - Is it any wonder that I've learned so little from the mistakes of others ... when often I've learned nothing at all from my own!

ON PHOTOGRAPHY -  Technical skills aside, without a good eye you have nothing worth printing.

ON PHOTOGRAPHY - At times I wonder if I am looking through my camera's viewfinder to capture what I see or to see what I will capture.

ON SUCCESS - If we want to succeed, what we have accomplished must always be insufficient when compared to what remains to be done.

ON SUCCESS - That I sometimes win is relative; that I always try is essential - for I can only really lose if I do not try.

ON LIFE -  I consider my life well-lived as I’ve gotten most of what I have earned … and fortunately for me …  only half of what I really deserved

ON HOPE - Hope is a fall back position when one hasn't a well thought out plan.

ON DECEPTION - I do not judge a person by their accomplishments but rather by their indifference that anyone notices. Only then, am I inclined to believe that the deed was not deviously self-serving.

ON LOVE - True love obligates only one's self








Tallahassee Museum - Fountain of Youth Exhibit

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Dear Linda and Lennie … this one is for you. Thank you




The photographic artwork that you had in the Ponce de Leon Fountain of Youth exhibit in the Main Gallery at The Thomas Center has been selected for entry into the traveling version of the exhibit!

This means that we will ship and hang your work in at least two other Florida cities, beginning with Tallahassee at the Tallahassee Museum.    
The Tallahassee Museum exhibit will span from November 1st 2013 to January 15th 2014.

Details regarding when you would need to pick up your artwork between traveling exhibits will be announced as we receive and negotiate contracts with participating galleries. Such contract(s) will then be presented to you.

John and Mallory O’Connor

Larry's Guys and Dolls Magazine Series

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Today is the very first installment of Larry's Guys and Dolls Magazine Series ... come and visit often ... there will be new entries frequently  

A Tribute to Leonard Edward Kesl

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Tribute to Leonard Edward Kesl

By Larry Santucci


On Saturday, November 24, 2012 at 5:20am Lennie Kesl took leave of this earthly plane.

Lennie Kesl died at age 86, surrounded by family, friends and with his beloved Barbara by his side. We took turns sitting by his bedside holding his hand and whispering inaudible prayer-like words of encouragement that we knew were to no avail. It were as though if we tried really hard enough we could will him to remain with us. It’s not so strange that the comment most frequently spoken by his friends was, “I thought that he would live forever.” 

I simply could not bring myself go to his Church service, to me it would have been an acquiescence to the reality that we would never sing and laugh together again. I spent that time reminiscing the way Lennie and I did when we spent time together doing his many portraiture sittings. We talked about favorite jazz artists from the 30s, 40s, 50’s and 60s and he was especially impressed that I knew the intros and vamps of songs of the 30s and 40s. Lyrical intros and vamps that were rarely used except by song "stylists" 

At first I shot Lennie at the Tench Artists Studio. After a couple of months we started shooting Lennie at local outdoor sights. He seemed to really enjoy that so we did it as often as we could. No matter where we went we always met people that he made feel as though he came just to see them. While there is only one Lennie Kesl each image on my website reflects a different Kesl. It's more a credit to Lennie's multi-dimensional personality than to my photographic skill.  

Lennie was chameleonic. I sometimes think that he secretly enjoyed the fact that people found it difficult to keep up with the zigs and zags of a frenzied conversation with him. I think Robert Ponzio put it best … a conversation with Lennie was like being on a wild roller coast ride.

We were to meet at noon the day of his demise to go to Morningside Nature Center to make additions to what was to be ….. KOLORFUL KANDID KESL.

Lennie exemplifies, in the truest sense, the "Most Memorable Character" feature published in the Reader's Digest. Kesl was a man for all seasons, an artist, a jazz vocalist, a recording artist, a musician, a disc jockey, a teacher, a beloved raconteur, a mentor and a very special friend whose energy was limitless. Lennie’s knowledge of Art, Art History and Jazz (even the most obscure information) was encyclopedic. Of all of these attributes, what I admired most about Lennie was …. that he steadfastly refused to be anything other than Lennie Kesl. As a friend, he never said “take me as I am”. He didn’t need to.

It’s said that art and the camera points both ways, in expressing your subject, you also express yourself. I am grateful that my dear friend generously provided me with that opportunity. It’s been said that Lennie was … well, frugal. He was, but not with his encouragement of emerging artists. I hadn’t yet met this man Kesl yet he had an impact on me. After an exhibit reception, Linda and I looked at the exhibitor guest book. Someone had taken significant pains to fill an entire page with … SUPERB, L KESL … he wrote. Some memory of a first solo exhibit, Huh?

Requiescat in pace




Renovations to our site

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Over the next day or two we will renovating our website to make it more user friendly. 

There should be no interruption of accessibility as we do this.

We have already added and will be adding a substantial number of new images.

The addition of photo groups and separate galleries within those groups will help you refine your viewing choices.

Please check back frequently


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